What defines a Community?

A community may be formed by a group of people belonging to a certain profession, religion, region, or culture. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the physical barriers have been removed and individuals can now be part of multiple virtual communities across the globe.

In India, we have 8 tier-1 cities, whereas 104 cities are categorized as tier-2 cities and the rest belong to tier-3 cities. Abraham Maslow, a psychologist describes human growth and development in the form of a pyramid, where the basic physiological needs (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) and safety needs (financial, security, health, and safety against accidents) form the bottom two levels of the pyramid. Only when the lower levels are fulfilled can a person reach the pinnacle of the pyramid — that of self-actualization. We can safely assume that families from tier-2 and tier-3 cities belong to the lower two levels of the pyramid, not by choice but by necessity.

One might possess qualities such as loyalty, conviction, and resilience to succeed, but what sets one apart is the right mindset.

Why do we need a change in mindset?

Most of us go through the education system with blinkers on, following a herd mentality that education is only meant to get us good jobs that will enable us to meet our obligations and eventually lead a better life. Even the education system today supports this notion. This is where a change in mindset is urgently needed. Children don’t have preconceived notions and their minds can be easily moulded to become visionaries, to uplift humanitarian values, and to build companies/ecosystems where people are valued and treated equally!

Retrospectively, all religions emphasized these basic values too, but unfortunately, religion too has not been spared from the jaws of politics and has been distorted over the years to satisfy personal agendas/propagandas.

Education can provide the missing link of kindling young minds to be fearless and to standup for what’s best for the planet.

Hence, only education can provide the missing link of kindling young minds to be fearless and to stand up for what’s best for the planet. A resourceful community can provide a strong platform for young minds only if the foundation on which it stands is well built. The base should be provided for nurturing the right mindset in the students at school, where they are taught to love challenges by fostering an inquisitive and questioning mind that will empower them to face the challenges of life.

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world — Howard Zinn

While we are privileged to have been born into communities where we enjoy the freedom of speech, thought, and actions, we must also spare a thought for millions of those who are dying of starvation, poverty, or are living in constant fear of cruelty in war zones. We, therefore, have to act now as we no longer have the luxury of time to experiment, so that the next generation can build a world that is better than it is now.