Who are we? What’s our purpose in this man-made world and in nature? Do we enjoy our life every day or are we postponing it to the weekends because our work takes up most of our time?

Self-evaluation to understand our personal and professional standpoint in our life and career is extremely important. Questions have the power to lead you to seek those truths that our busy schedules blur or occlude. Questions can make us uncomfortable or ponder our beliefs. However, questions can also lead us to those answers that can set us free – free from pain, emotional bondings, invisible shackles, etc.

Most of the time, our restless brain does not bother to question and one does not search for answers that elude us as we seek only those facts that align with our beliefs. Sometimes, the quest to search for answers to questions we don’t know can make us more knowledgeable in the bargain. When you don’t know who you are and what makes you “you”, you can embark on a journey to seek those answers that will lead you to a path of fulfillment. Some call that finding a purpose.

Self-evaluation to understand your personal and professional standpoint in your life and career is extremely important. Questions have the power to lead you to see those truths that our busy schedules cover-up or occlude.

We are the only species to have been blessed with the ability to think rationally. This power can help us discover the truth that is wrapped in lies by the world that surrounds us. With so many corporates vying for our attention, they will invent new realities, distort and exploit them to get the most out of you because for them your time or life is money! Some of it is good for us if it aligns with our purpose, most of it is not.

Therefore, if we are not aware of what we want or what makes us happy or satisfied every day, we would end up being prey to these predators.

So how do we ask questions, or rather why do we start?

The Japanese technique of 5-Why is a good place to start. Why am I doing what I am doing? (perhaps for an income?) Why is the income so necessary for me? and then keep asking until you reach the 5th Why. It is very important to know the root cause, as that is where all that we do originates from, if we wish to know what we believe in deep inside. While doing so, be open-minded and do not hang on to the beliefs that will limit yourself.

Questions can lead us to answers that can set us free from pain, emotional bondings, invisible shackles, etc.

Why do we have such beliefs? Most of our beliefs are based on our experiences, and it is very important to question whether these beliefs are based on facts, assumptions, or others’ perceptions. For example, “Am I doing this job because I am supposed to take good care of my parents as a son/daughter? To take good care, do I have to sacrifice what I always loved to do? Are there no jobs that can pay me to do what I am good at? Can I not align what I love and what I am good at to what the world needs? And then, with that money, can I not provide better comforts for my parents?

Are our thoughts/beliefs based on facts or intuitions that have no foundation? Sometimes our brain picks things it has observed subconsciously and we respond based on what’s stored in there. While asking questions, evaluate these beliefs open-mindedly, without getting frustrated or guilty or being biased towards your personal feelings. Rather, focus on amending your thoughts with better ones, baseless thoughts with facts, and emotionally driven thoughts with logic. When we replace each of these thoughts over the years, we will have a mind that is strengthened with facts and truth, and then we shall be able to lead our life on our terms. We will know why we are doing what we are doing and about our existence.

Just like how our body reacts to any malfunctions in our body by exhibiting symptoms of pain, the responses of the external world to one’s actions are indicators of one’s thoughts and beliefs. Nature loves balance. If our actions are creating an imbalance in our life or profession, it is a sign that something about what we are doing is not right. As we introspect, it’s going to be difficult, confusing and shall make us uncomfortable, but hold on to the process and take control of fixing your brain with the truth.

As an evolved species, we need to challenge ourselves by moving out of our comfort zone and question our existing beliefs open-mindedly, thus expanding our knowledge pool and grow as a person. Remember, there is always something new to learn to reevaluate or confirm your beliefs.