Purpose — Progress — Praise

Every individual has immense potential, however, the platform that one is given to exercise one’s potential may or may not be appropriate. Some individuals are creative, while some are logical — both will thrive only in their areas of interest. If one is pushed to thrive in a field that is not relevant to them, then they will not perform or excel. Therefore, one must explore their areas of interest first and then step up into an endeavor that is challenging, yet at the same time, the outcomes should be fulfilling.

Exploring one’s interest

Today’s youth spend numerous hours chasing momentary fame on social media or hanging around with friends, having little interest in the professional courses they have enrolled in. Quite naturally, it is a result of not having chosen a professional course that is of their interest! But how would one know of their interest, when they are busy preparing for exams and not questioning their career choices or even exploring areas where they feel at “home.”

How would one know of their interest, when they are busy preparing for exams and not questioning their career choices?

Home is the only place where you are true to yourself and you do not have to fake anything, completely in sync with what you do and in a flow, just as though you are floating in a water stream, moving as though the water is carrying you. If you have not explored where your interest lies in high school, chances are that you have ended up in a place you don’t feel at home yet and if you continue to procrastinate, chances are you will feel out of place in your profession too!

One can kickstart by attending informative conferences where the future in various sectors or areas is explained. Explore diverse fields, you may find some of them boring, but you might just discover an area that excites you and keeps you on your toes for days or months. That’s the field you should pursue!

Finding one’s purpose

It is but natural that anything we do, will start losing its appeal over time as we become familiar with it, and redundancy begins. To keep growing and excelling, finding a purpose is critical! The purpose could be as simple as, What does the organization or the people with whom I am associated, want from me? What is the best that can be done? or it could be as large and complex as what does the world need? How can some of the largest problems plaguing our societies or communities be solved? Larger the pie, the more complex the question and therefore more time spent on answering and finding answers!

Making Progress

Once you have found your purpose, set your target for the next 1-3 years and focus on breaking it down to smaller achievable targets to such an extent that you should know what has to be done in a day, the days after, and in the coming weeks. Tag along with like-minded people who are as driven as you are or even more to perform well in your tasks and maximize all of your productive hours to surge ahead in your journey. Remember you are the sole owner of your success and failure!


One needs constant endorsements and positive affirmations to boost one’s morale and justify one’s endeavors! Milestones and accomplishments should be celebrated and recognized by the management or the organizations for whom you work. This not only endorses your journey but also rejuvenates your energy which in turn will drive your momentum. The recognition will make you feel noticed and brings you more visibility which brings together more like-minded people to work collectively towards the mission!

Explore diverse fields and discover your calling.

Find your purpose in order to grow and excel.

Set your long term and short term goals.

So, follow your dreams! Only you hold the power to convert your dreams into reality. When an opportunity knocks at your door, welcome it with open arms and chalk your own path!

Some thought-provoking lines by the legendary Steve Jobs,

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking, don’t settle.