A World Inside a World


Nature does not discriminate. Nature always tries to sustain. Amidst all the phenomena that science has enlightened us with like the formation of a nebula, the birth of the sun, the formation of rocky substances that we call planets, out of which one planet seemed to be at a distance perfect for a conducive atmosphere, that gave rise to living creatures. In the evolutionary cycle of creatures, many creatures have come and gone, but one that perhaps survived the longest are the homo sapiens! The birth of intelligence played a big part in the survival of this species.

However, has the intelligence been put into good practice? Only time will tell.

From not knowing what sparks are, to destroying cities with explosives. From wondering what shapes could do, to transportation of goods to building cities and nations, mobilizing culture and knowledge. From mere sand, to visually talking to distant relatives over displays made of sand. From using the constellations to guide our paths, to building navigational satellites. From assuming what could be out there in space, to sending probes to tell us more about space, we have pushed our boundaries beyond our wildest imaginations through the wonders of science and technology! There’s good and bad, that intelligence has offered to nature.

With science, one knows how nature works or at least got closer. Religion taught humankind how to live with nature. The man-made rules and regulations, stories and scriptures were interpreted differently by different individuals, based on time and circumstances. Our reality today is embedded on the version of these truths. The religious practices that once allowed humans to live in harmony have been the reason for war and violence.

For many it’s still the shawls,but aren’t we all the same beneath those robes or saffrons? Don’t we all bleed red?

Nature had simple principles, yes we lost a lot of our beloved ones to pandemics and nature’s unseen forces, but the stories of becoming one with nature or rebirth consoled the ones who lost their loved ones.Nature has its own ways of keeping things in balance!

Nature does not discriminate. Nature always tries to sustain.

We increased the life span through advances in science, but made it accessible to those who could afford it and now we talk about equity and equality. We traded what we produced, perhaps through non-standard practices. Our history shows us that we were rich. But the introduction of standard practices like the “currency” to trade, generated wealth and created an economy but favored only the few who understood how it worked or in better words served those who designed it.

In a world where there was equality , where man was blessed with abundant resources, perhaps not same but different,we lost the opportunity to serve each other due to our selfish ways. We rather focused on accumulating wealth, at the cost of someone else. We see skyscrapers standing tall, juxtaposed against swamps of slums. Millions of mouths starve for want of even a morsel of food, while we see tonnes of food being wasted. We see men and women accumulating wealth and celebrating their names in the Forbes list, while those who have given their blood and sweat to help those people achieve that being sidelined.

Leaving you with some thought-provoking questions.

What world are we living in? What is the truth? Is this the purpose of our species?